Creativity – A creation of Science and Technology

The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment – the dictionary meaning of the word ‘science’.

While people are becoming more aware, shrewd and more prompt to apply their intellect, the task of turning them into consumers has not remained the ability of just great communication.

What’s in a name? – Quite a lot if you can do something about it.


When it comes to words, the human mind is a complex maze of associations and pre-conceived notions. These associations result in a complex network of emotions and feelings associated with any given word. It is these associations that then transcend the dictionary meaning of a word and evoke emotions of either affinity or distaste, depending on a customers experience with it.

Have a ‘green’ business idea? It being just ‘green’ will not make it a brand. – Part 2

In Part 1 of the same article – Have a ‘green’ business idea? It being just ‘green’ will not make it a brand. – we covered that it is not necessary that any business which is a sustainable business will survive through, without any difficulty and become a successful brand. We also spoke about how a business owner needs to have a “brand” vision for it and what all he needs to be prepared with to face challenges that pop up in any entrepreneurial journey.


Retailing is all about being at the right place at the right time. While deciding on a business proposition, real estate issues are the most crucial ones by the virtue of the fact that real estate is the largest fixed investment for a retailer.

And within real estate, location related decisions in retailing are the most critical and fundamental decisions because that is what facilitates getting the merchandise to the ultimate consumer at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price. Location is one of the key considerations for the customer, making it all the more vital.

Launching a differentiated brand to repurpose India’s unorganised Student and Bachelor Hostel space

This Article Will:

1. Help you understand how differentiated brands can be created in the real estate space.

2. Evaluate the impact of Consumer Insights in the creation of brand strategy

3. Touch upon the impact of having a strong team of professionals in the creation of a brand

4. How the dedicated vision of a promoter can impact the outcome of a brand’s strategy

The need for Customer/Consumer Co-creation for Brand Launch

This article will help you understand:

1. What consumer co-creation is

2. How consumer co-creation is done using Seagull’s Wings for Profit Process

3. The benefits of consumer co-creation in mitigating brand launch risks

4. When consumer co-creation should be undertaken

Launch of India’s Online Food Destination: A dream turned into eRetail Startup of the Year

This article will:

1. Help you understand how a brand can be build on emotions

2. Help you understand importance of consumer insights/research

3. How being steady yet progressive is important to business

4. Have appreciation for entrepreneurship

Farmer Activist to Launch an Organic Food Brand

Meet Kavita Kaushik. Not your typical, young, technology startup, creating some world changing product.
60-year old Kavita, a social activist and post graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, has transformed the lives of dacoits in the Chambal valley of India. Her work with dacoits has been recognised in the United States of America, where she received the Jampolsky Award in 2000. Activism and helping disadvantaged people is so deeply ingrained in Kavita, that even with the US$7,000 award money she bought a truckload of goats for the transformed dacoits to become goat herders.

What did this entrepreneur learn when trying to launch his product?

img-20111216-00168In these fast-paced times, getting nourishment on-the-move is important. Packaged coconut water seemed like a brilliant offering.

But, the start-up journey when riddle with struggles you aren’t prepared for, can lead to a failed or absent product launch. So what went wrong and why don’t we finally see ‘God’s Water’ in the market?

Now you can clean your car, without water!

1-minGreen Salute, an innovative concept started by brother duo Ninad and Akshay Dhok was started with the aim of saving one of our much-needed natural resources: water.
Their waterless car cleaning concept is still new but within a short span of time has already got a lot of takers. Let’s read on to get to know their story better.