Farmer Activist to Launch an Organic Food Brand

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Meet Kavita Kaushik. Not your typical, young, technology startup, creating some world changing product.

60-year old Kavita, a social activist and post graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, has transformed the lives of dacoits in the Chambal valley of India. Her work with dacoits has been recognised in the United States of America, where she received the Jampolsky Award in 2000. Activism and helping disadvantaged people is so deeply ingrained in Kavita, that even with the US$7,000 award money she bought a truckload of goats for the transformed dacoits to become goat herders.

Over last few years Kavita has worked with 5,000+ farmers in about 30 villages in 4 states – Maharashtra, North East, Kashmir & Kerala. Not only does Kavita want these individuals to earn a better and more sustainable income, but she also wants the farmer and his family to be healthy. Kavita believes that only a healthy farmer can become a better farmer.



Her organisation ‘Maitreya’ (meaning ‘friend’ in English) has a disciplined agenda for farmers. Farmers need to form a self help group (as this helps them to get benefits from the government & traders), each one needs to have a kitchen garden that grows a defined list of nutritious food (for the farmer & his family’s own consumption), have at least one milk giving cattle (farmer family first), and finally agree to ban all types of chemicals in their farming. A total ban of all chemical fertilisers & pesticides, 100% organic farming. Maitreya is creating a better value chain in agriculture for various commodities and is creating different niche marketable products such as Khapli wheat, Black Rice, Organic fruits & vegetables, etc.

Kavita’s research has shown that life-threatening cancer, once non-existent in farmers, is now killing farmers. And this is all due to the existence of chemicals in the farms where a farmer spends their whole day.

So, why does Kavita & her organisation Maitreya need a consumer brand? Why have they approached Brand Launch Centre?



Kavita and her organisation can continue doing the good work they do only if the produce grown by the farmers is accepted by urban consumers at a fair price. Without consumer demand, she is unable to sustain her work. Many an urban consumer prefers attractive looking fruits & vegetables over the perceived “pale” looking organic ones. Organic produce is also being perceived as exclusive & premium.

With this mind, Kavita approached Brand Launch Centre to help create consumer demand. Using its proprietary Wings for Profit process, Brand Launch Centre is planning the brand (Brand Challenge, Brand Wings & Brand Flight Map ), designing & developing its packaging, and drawing out a detailed customer acquisition plan.

The BLC team is conducting workshops with the Maitreya team, meeting farmers & consumers, discussing placement with physical store owners & e-commerce sites, as well as considering setting up Maitreya’s own e-commerce website.

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Project Team:

Seagull Brand Launch Centre: Sameer Desai, Sonam Srivastava, Madhura Sapkal, Urvi Bole, Freddie Alexander

Maitreya: Kavita Muktidoot Kowshik, Rutuja Chaudhary Maya Devkar


May 29, 2017Sameer Desai, Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Launch Centre