The need for Customer/Consumer Co-creation for Brand Launch

This article will help you understand:

1. What consumer co-creation is

2. How consumer co-creation is done using Seagull’s Wings for Profit Process

3. The benefits of consumer co-creation in mitigating brand launch risks

4. When consumer co-creation should be undertaken




What is Consumer Co-creation? Keeping the Consumer at the Centre.


A few years ago we were approached by a coconut water company to develop the packaging design for their soon to be launched brand. They had already decided on 2 types of packaging – 1) Tetra Pak & 2) An aluminium can.


Their promoter Rohit Rathi said, “we have a unique coconut water product. Unlike other coconut waters that have some preservatives/additives, ours is 100% tender coconut water. We would like you to design the label for our can and tetrapak.”


With this brief from Rohit, we had the choice of going straight to designing the label, or going and checking what consumers really wanted. We chose the latter, and did the following things:


  • Observed how consumers really enjoyed their coconut water.
  • Spoke to coconut water vendors.
  • Spoke to different sales channels where coconut water was sold. This included pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Spoke to important influencers (following the Wings for Profit process). These are called “prosumers”. This included medical professionals & fitness managers.
  • Conducted group discussions and explored the receptiveness to tetra pak & aluminium cans.


Before designing or launching the brand, we concluded that the label was not as important as the type of packaging. Indian consumers rejected tetrapak, cans and plastic bottles. They preferred coconut water in its natural form, or as close to natural as possible.


The result: A 100% natural packaging – A glass bottle. And the name ‘God’s Water’. 




How is Consumer Co-Creation Done?

  • Keeping the consumer at the core
  • Observing, listening to the consumer
  • Discussing with influencers
  • This can be done in person, on phone, email, social media and group discussions.
  • In Seagull Brand Launch Centre’s Wings for Profit process, consumer co-creation is done at all the 3 stages of Brand Challenge, Brand Wings & Brand Flight Map. Over a 100+ consumers contribute to the creation of the brand and its launch plan.



Benefits of Consumer Co-Creation in Mitigating Launch Risks.


  • Consumer co-creation is about listening, understanding the consumer first and then launching the product / service.
  • The consumer co-creation process goes beyond the product and understands the problem that the product or service is really trying to solve. And as a result defines the business that the product / service really is in. This in-depth understanding of the consumer gives an understanding of the role the product / service plays in the life of the consumer. And help answer the question “are we solving a real problem?”.
  • In the consumer co-creation process one is able to assess the product – market fit and position vis-a-vis competitive offerings.
  • Consumer co-creation helps in understanding the consumer choose & use process, which enables designing the customer acquisition plan.


When is the right time to undertake consumer co-creation?


Consumer co-creation can be undertaken either at the idea stage or at the prototype stage. The earlier the involvement of the consumers the better.

June 26, 2017Sameer Desai, Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Launch Centre