What’s in a name? – Quite a lot if you can do something about it.


When it comes to words, the human mind is a complex maze of associations and pre-conceived notions. These associations result in a complex network of emotions and feelings associated with any given word. It is these associations that then transcend the dictionary meaning of a word and evoke emotions of either affinity or distaste, depending on a customers experience with it.


It is in this complex neurological firing happening inside a person’s mind where the opportunity of naming a new brand lies. When a customer encounters a new brand, the brand owner receives a blank slate through which he has the opportunity to mould the customer’s perceptions about the brand going forward. The brand’s name plays a significant role in this task, because positive experiences will lead to positive emotional associations for when a customer comes across the brand name in the future. These associations get formed without a person even knowing about it. The exact opposite is true for negative experiences as well.


Over the course of time, the team at Brand Launch Centre has been fortunate to have been actively involved in creating brand names that have a unique story and strong association linked with them.


1.   NobleExchange:


NobleExchange is an organisation with a strong focus on social and environmental impact for all stakeholders involved in the business. The name NobleExchange was coined using an amalgamation of Noble – because that was the deed and Exchange – because of the nature of give and take at the core of their philosophy. When created, the business’ core focus was on collecting, recycling and processing paper waste in a 100% environmentally conscious manner (Noble), while giving back to underprivileged members of society who actually collected and segregated this waste (Exchange). With time and increasing urbanization, the challenge of Organic Waste in cities became the core focus and expertise of the company, while still holding true to its promise.


The name has resounded successfully with all stakeholders across the Value Chain of the business right from Waste Pickers, Municipal Corporations and Corporates.



2.   God’s Water:


India is a country where coconuts grow in abundance and have an extremely important cultural place. When a budding entrepreneur approached our team to create packaging design for his Tetra-Pak Coconut Water Brand ‘Tender-La’, extensive customer interactions and category understanding drove focus towards the perceptions associated with Coconut Water in India and resulted in the creation of the name ‘God’s Water’, which is a representation of the purity of the product. The name was coined to specifically focus on the fact that the product is truly, as god had intended it – pure, untouched by human hands and unprocessed. The name connected strongly with Fitness Enthusiasts and was seen as a great drink to start their day with.



3.   YouthVille:


Anyone who has moved to a new city for studies or work has always been perplexed by the challenge of finding suitable accommodation that allows them to make fond memories while also laying the foundation for a strong future. On identifying this opportunity, a prominent real estate developer from Pune decided to commit efforts and resources towards monetizing the opportunity. The team at Brand Launch Centre worked extensively with the client team and customers to co-create the brand and its promise. Creating a name for this brand that resonated strongly with youth was a particular challenge. In YouthVille, Brand Launch Centre was able to identify a name that immediately connected with their customer segments.



In each of the cases above, a unique insight has been leveraged to create a new brand which resonates with its customers. Through positive brand experiences, these brands will be able to maintain a strong affinity with their customers in time to come.







August 11, 2017Akash Nagrani, Brand Consultant, Brand Launch Centre